Solar PV

Reducing Electricity Bills

By utilising our solar PV panels, you can not only lower your electricity bills but also potentially sell surplus energy back to the grid through net metering.

Carbon Footprint

Solar power systems have the potential to save over 50,000kg of carbon emissions throughout their lifetime. Moreover, installing solar panels can enhance your home’s energy rating, thereby increasing its market value. It’s a beneficial situation for both your finances and the environment.

Cost Savings

Producing your own solar power proves to be more economical than purchasing it from the grid, especially during the warranty period of the panels. Why rely on the grid when you can significantly reduce your bills?

Energy Security

With fluctuating energy prices, sourcing your electricity through solar panels allows you to fix your costs, securing a steady supply without the impacts of inflation. By generating your electricity, you reduce dependence on grid power, resulting in substantial energy savings.

Long-Term Investment

Solar PV panels boast a lifespan spanning several decades, making them a wise long-term investment with appealing returns.

Why not add a battery? A battery can be charged by solar panels during the day to be used at night when the sun is down. It could also be charged overnight on a cheaper rate to be used first thing in the morning before the sun is up. 

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